Begins with the Heart of a Horse

The Heart of a Horse is transformational, co-active coaching with horses. Robert uses Gestalt techniques combined with innate equine wisdom to create an experience that facilitates healing.

Feeling stuck? Unfulfilled?

Are you seeking a safe place to face your shadows and step into a life of joy?

Finish the unfinished business of your past so it longer affects your future.

To live your best life, you need to learn how to be in the present moment. That's where horse therapy comes in. With Robert's coaching, you can learn to live a more centered life — be less reactionary and more present. Robert and his horses help you work on the things that take you away from being present.

Gain awareness of why you do what you do and think what you think. Learn how to be honest with yourself and speak your truth. When you do, you will be able to make different choices and live a more joyous life.

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Learn about the Equine Gestault Method from it's founder and Robert's mentor, Melisa Pearce:

When such a large, beautiful creature trusts enough, without a halter, without a lead, without any words spoken or hand motions, and joins up with you, it's a powerful thing. So thank you Robert! Thank you for sharing your life experiences with me. Thanks for listening to mine and responding with compassionate, heartfelt, and intuitive coaching. Thanks for sharing Beau with me. It was an amazing experience, and I absolutely loved every minute.


When I think of Robert, my heart swells. He has such a compassionate soul. He is very intelligent, sincere, honest, trustworthy, ambitious, charismatic, frank, and diligent. He has a wealth of hard-knock life experiences and a genuine natural ability to connect with people. He has helped me see that the untrue stories I tend to identify with are unhealthy. He has inspired me to grow, and I am grateful to have such a gifted coach.


I am grateful beyond words for Robert's wisdom and coaching. His excellent horsemanship, gentle voice of compassion, and love of these beauties and his clients are immense. I am loving the experience today. I highly recommend this session to everyone -- the benefits are incredible, and you will not regret one minute of your time together.


Robert's guidance, coaching, and insight are truly something I will cherish. With Robert's help and guidance, I have learned so much about myself. Thank you Robert for hearing my heart and not just the words that came out of my mouth!


Robert is one of the most honest, heartfelt, and genuine people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. In just a few minutes, you will realize he is passionate about making a difference in the world and helping change lives in any way he can.​​ I highly recommend meeting him and seeing what he can do to help you change your life and put you on the right path to where you want to be.


Robert creates a safe space that allows you to find yourself. He is warm and grounded, so you feel at ease talking with him about anything. He is compassionate about his horses, the equine gestalt coaching method, and helping you heal from your past experiences.​ Rob is genuine and the real deal when it comes to coaching. I highly recommend Rob. It is an experience you never forget. 


I have seen the horses do things in sessions with people that is impossible to explain. I use the horse's innate skills and abilities in conjunction with mine to help clients move forward.

Robert Goodland

Annie - Horse Therapist
Beau - Horse Therapist
Royale - Horse Therapist